What Is A Certified Sales Professional Program?


A Certified Sales Professional, or CSP, is a program offered by the Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF). The program is a three-day course that involves instruction, role-playing and interaction. According to the foundation, at the end of three days, successful candidates will “understand the consultative selling process” and show a marked improvement in productivity/performance.
The CSP program. The CSP program is designed for anyone who calls on customers. It involves instruction on a wide array of topics such as goal setting, time and territory management, and business creation. At the end of the three days of instruction and interaction, candidates take oral and written exams. Successful candidates become certified sales professionals.
Companies that want their sales personnel to undergo the certification course can request to audit a class. The foundation organizes public sessions of the CSP program several times a year all over the country. Private sessions are also available for 14 or more attendees.
Candidates successfully completing the CSP program could consider the CPMR, or Certified Professional Manufacturer Representative program designation. Apart from CSP and CPMR, the foundation also offers the Regional Sales Management (RSM) program; however, this program doesn’t lead to certification.
The MRERF program. The Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation (MRERF) is an education foundation. It is sponsored by manufacturers’ representatives associations and run by a board of trustees, appointed from the sponsoring associations. MRERF accepts donations from industry associations, corporations and individuals. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide professional education, finance research on the representative function of business, and raise awareness of the independent multiple-line selling organization. In addition to certification programs, the MRERF education program offers sales training and continuing education programs.

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