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5 Common Misconceptions about B2B Marketing


B2B marketing has come a long way. However, there are still a few misconceptions about B2B marketing. Here are a few.
1. A B2B customer doesn’t know what he wants – Nothing can be farther from the truth. B2B customers are particular about what they want. In fact, they short-list organizations on stringent quality norms and other parameters, and then start negotiating. In a B2B environment, it is better that you listen closely to your customers’ wants and needs. Then, plan your marketing strategies to fulfill those needs.
2. B2b marketing has to be plain and boring – There is a misconception that as B2B deals with other businesses, B2B marketing has to be clinical. But the truth is that every product has to appeal to the emotional side of people. So, B2B marketing can be as persuasive as B2C marketing. The marketing team has to understand the opinions and the requirements of the clients, and design a message that attracts and influences the prime decision-makers.
3. A marketing blitzkrieg will create awareness and increase sales – In B2B, clients are less likely to walk in after seeing a billboard. They are a lot more sophisticated. Therefore, your marketing plan should not just be about flashy promotions but should be tactically backed by testimonials, CRM, and the like. B2B sales depend a lot upon good word-of-mouth.
4. Social media has overtaken print, websites and direct mails – Social media is a great platform and is growing rapidly. However, a lot of your B2B clients would like to have a more direct, personal communication with you. A phone call, an up-to-date website, regular e-mails with updates and brochures with product specifications are still important as they are regarded as more trusted means of communication.
5. There is one solution to all your marketing woes – This is a misconception with respect to any form of marketing. Remember that marketers deal with people, and people are complicated. Therefore, studying the responses you got for your marketing campaigns and changing your approach accordingly would help you more than just looking for that one “mantra” that will miraculously solve all problems.

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