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10 Inexpensive Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips


Here are some inexpensive social media marketing strategies which you can use to engage with your customers.

  1. Plan in advance: Pull out a calendar or a white board and plan your social media strategy for the entire year in December of the previous year. While devising your plan think about how you can integrate the use of various social media marketing tools so as to maximize engagement with your customers.
  2. Merge email and social: Talk about your social properties in email and ask for email IDs in your social properties. To start with, direct your email contact list to a sign-up form on Facebook. Additionally, send an email to your list requesting them to follow you on Twitter.
  3. More needn’t be merrier: There are hundreds of social networks out there. Some social networks are more effective than others. Ideally, you should choose the networks that are frequented by your target audience. Don’t lose focus by including too many social media strategy.
  4. Identify social media advocates: A number of demographic segments such as millennials and women respond positively to product recommendations from friends. So, finding an advocate, who will talk favorably about your product on social networks, is a good social media strategy.
  5. Interact: Be active on social forums – comment on others’ walls, re-tweet relevant material and offer useful information.
  6. Use video: Embed videos in your email messages or on your website to increase clicks and conversions.
  7. Involve customers: Ask your customers what they would like to see on your Facebook posts. This kind of question can encourage a serious conversation which you can use to successfully market your products.
  8. Post information not ads: Make sure that your posts or blogs are by and large conversational and information-rich. This usually increases readership as these posts are not perceived as advertisements.
  9. A/B Testing: Before you post ads on social networks, create several ad copies with different text, images, videos or font. Use these copies and check if one type of copy gets more clicks than the others.
  10. Make use of Google Analytics: Google Analytics is free. With the help of this free tool, you can measure the success of your social media strategy marketing.

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