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Top 3 Off-The-Wall Marketing Ideas for Small Business


Adopting traditional marketing tactics may sometimes not bring in the desired results. You may  have to choose off-beat or even crazy marketing tactics to improve sales or enhance brand visibility. Here are three off-the-wall marketing ideas that might set the cash registers ringing.

  1. Social media marketing Social media marketing may not be strictly off the wall anymore as every company worth its salt seems to be doing it. Even so, social media offers plenty of opportunities for businesses to experiment with their marketing tactics. For example, in one month, you could make an interesting video on your product/service and upload it to YouTube and in the next, you could blog on a topic that is connected to your product. You could make edgy videos with the share feature so that it goes viral. For example, Ray-Ban uploaded a series of videos to popularize its goggles among youngsters. However, make sure you align your social media strategy with your marketing strategy.
  2. Humor sells – One of the best ways to market your product is to lace your message with humor. Don’t just advertise the attributes of your product or service, make it interesting to your target audience by making a wacky ad and post it on the Internet, newspaper or television. Make some noise around your brand to grab attention. However, don’t take the humor route if your business is of the serious type such as pharmaceutical/medical, etc. Your prospects may not find it funny.  
  3. Sponsor local events, or a local hero – It’s important that your marketing tactics are adapted to suit local sensibilities. Even global brands go local, so why shouldn’t you? Placing your business closer to the local community is a great way to improve brand visibility. This can be done in a variety of ways. You could sponsor a local rugby match or sponsor a promising local talent to win the hearts of your potential customers.

While off the wall marketing tactics may work wonders the first time, they may soon lose their efficacy. If you find that your tactic isn’t working any more, it probably means it’s time to tweak your tactic or employ a new one.

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