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Little Known Secrets of Dell’s Marketing Strategies


Dell is a multinational information technology corporation. It manufactures, sells and supports computers, related products and services. It is well-known for its innovations in supply-chain management and e-commerce.
Here are some of Dell’s best marketing strategies that have been responsible for making it one of the major tech companies in the world today.

Understanding customer needs

Dell strives to give customers exactly what they want. Dell offers its customers the option of looking at and choosing from a wide variety of products. Customer surveys are regularly carried out as part of its efforts to understand customer needs. Post-survey, the Dell product team is responsible for modifying products and providing customers with what they want. In addition to selling PCs to home and home office customers, Dell markets its PC range to SMEs (small and medium enterprises), education, government and health-care sectors, and large enterprises. It also sells servers, storage and networking tools.

Online sales

One of the major factors responsible for Dell’s outstanding success in a fiercely competitive environment has been its decision to sell its products online. Dell takes advantage of the convenience that the Internet offers. According to Scott Eckert, director of Dell Online, customers appreciate quick and easy access to products and they require lots of information before they make a purchase. Dell can persuade customers to purchase online by providing all the information that they need. Eckert says: “You help customers help themselves by making them feel at home. We create clear entry points for people from different sectors: business, home office, education. We have nearly 40 country-specific versions of the sites, and each one uses the appropriate language and currency. We’ve also adjusted the site to distinguish between first-time visitors and experienced users – customers who want to go straight to our ‘online configurator’ to build a system.” By selling online, Dells saves money that would have been spent on establishing brick and mortar stores or on paying commission to dealers.

Supply-chain management

Dell sells millions of dollars worth merchandise every month through its websites and via telephone. Unlike other companies that sell products already manufactured, Dell assembles its products after receiving the order. But to streamline taking orders and making deliveries at the customers’ doorsteps, Dell relies on a sophisticated supply-chain management system. The orders are placed via Dell’s websites. This information is shared with Dell’s manufacturing units in China and elsewhere. And then, the orders are shipped from the factories to customers in the U.S and other countries.

Tracking orders

Dell allows its customers to track their orders by clicking on the “Order Status” icon on the Dell website. This feature lets customers to know exactly where their order is and how much longer it will take to reach them. This removes the uncertainty associated with online purchases.

Customer service

Another important aspect of Dell’s marketing strategy is providing customer service/technical support. Dell spends millions of dollars in setting up, training and managing a customer service team that will respond to customer queries and technical issues.

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