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Top 5 Digital Marketing Ideas for Small Business


With the popularity of Internet, digital marketing has grown in prominence. Innumerable ways exist to reach your target audience online. Here are five digital marketing ideas that may prove useful.
Search engine optimization (SEO) – SEO has been around for a while. However, don’t take it for granted. According to a B2B survey, SEO still brings in sales leads and revenues. But SEO is dynamic. For example, Google’s Panda update pushed down the ranking of several thousand sites. These sites were “optimized” but lacked quality content. Google and other search engines are now giving more importance to relevant, useful content. If you want to optimize your website, pay attention to content. There is no shortcut.
Video – Did you know around 85 percent of Americans watch video online? Americans watch around 1.3 billion videos a day. This should be enough reason for you to include online videos in your digital marketing strategy. Upload short videos that your target audience will find interesting. According to Web pundits, emotional videos make a greater impact than PowerPoint presentations or text-heavy videos. YouTube and other popular video sites provide an excellent platform for you to showcase your products or services.
Mobile and tablet marketing – With the popularity of tablets like iPad and Kindle, and smartphones, marketers have yet another channel to reach their target audience. You can create a game or application around your product. You will be successful only if the game is fun to play and the app is useful. You could also integrate quick response (QR) codes to SMS or phone numbers; smartphone users with QR code reader apps will then be able to access the marketing messages that you have created.
Facebook – You don’t have to be told how big social media has become. Recent research indicates that people are spending a lot of their time on Facebook and other social media sites like Google+ and Orkut. Everybody who is somebody is on Facebook. You can easily include social media sites in your digital marketing initiatives by having a presence in these sites and creating marketing messages suited to this medium.
Influencer marketing – Influencer marketing, a form of marketing where influencers – people who wield influence over buyers – are targeted rather than the entire target audience. In digital marketing, influencer marketing holds significance as technology allows influencers to reach a greater number of people. You can use digital tools to contact, reward influencers, who will then promote your product online.

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