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How to Create Captivating Business Newsletters


Business newsletters need not be yawn-inducing; they can be interesting and informative at the same time. Here are a few ideas on producing newsletters that pack a punch:

  • Follow the rules of good design. Do not mix too many fonts, font sizes and colors. Use a maximum of three fonts, and for the body text, use a font that uses serif. The sans serif ones are difficult to read.
  • Use pictures. Spread the pictures evenly all through the newsletter; this can hold the attention of the reader till the very end.
  • Plan the content before you start the layout. Decide how many articles, pictures and letters you want to include, before even deciding upon the layout. Make sure that all the latest events are covered.
  • Choose colors that either go with the logo of your company or are easy on the eye; too many colors may put readers off.
  • Do not rant. The newsletter should not be too advertorial; this will bore the readers. It should be crisp and to the point. Add a “Letter to the Readers” by the CEO; this will add a personal touch.
  • Include a “Question and Answer” column, where the readers can pose questions. Use experts to answer the questions so that your company’s credibility increases. This will also boost readership.
  • Include coupons or contests so the newsletter becomes more interactive. For example, you could offer a 5 percent discount on your products for the first 10 readers who come with their coupons. This is a good sales promotion technique.
  • Browse through several templates and popular newsletters on the Internet before you narrow down on your color scheme and layout. Get inspired and then start working. Browse the Internet for some creative newsletters.

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