6 Effective B2B Advertising Tips For Better Sales Lead Generation


The purpose of business to business (B2B) advertising is to generate sales leads for your sales team. Here are some effective B2B advertising tips that will help you get sales leads.
Discuss benefits not features: Benefits attract readers’ attention more than features. Features are meaningless to prospects,  unless you explain how these features will solve their problems. If the headline specifies one or more benefits, then the probability of readers inquiring or requesting for more information becomes greater.
Image-only ads are not very effective: You may have seen ads showing verdant forests and oil refinery, suggesting a company’s environmental concern. Well, this type of ads may enhance the company’s image but may not generate B2B sales leads. If B2B sales lead generation is the primary concern, then the ad should contain a message that discusses the advantages of your product.
Mention product applications: Discussing your product’s applications attracts attention of your prospects. This is similar to benefits but more specific. For example, your gas detection monitor may suit many factories and establishments, but if your ad specifies the applications of the product, prospects recognize their application and may contact you for more information.
Testimonial ads sell. Period: There are no two ways about it. If done right, testimonial ads can work  magic. This is because testimonials are seen as unbiased and honest views on the performance of your product. As your prospects are likely to trust their peers more than you, it is a good idea to have testimonials. You could include quotes from satisfied customers, or mention the companies that form your client base.
To be seen as authentic, testimonials should include the full name, title and company affiliation. If you are unable to get a quote, mention the names of companies that use your products. If you are eager to include statistics, quote the source of the data.
Use fractional ads: Fractional ads or “wrap ads,” as they are sometimes referred to, are small ads (less than full-page ads) that are usually placed in print. These are known to be effective for advertising B2B products provided you make good use of the limited space. For example, text explaining the benefits and providing contact details usually works better than pretty images. Fractional ads can be placed in tabloid magazines as well as standard-size publications.
Be sure to make your ads crisp: The readers of the trade publications that you intend to place your ad may not have the time to go through your message. So, it makes sense to make it easy for them to skim your ad and still be able to take home the message. Subtitles, bullet points, and images are the way to go for quick and effective communication.

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