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5 Simple Ways to Get Feedback from Your Customers


You’ve launched your product or service, and you’re excited and a little anxious to see how your target audience received it. Was it received with open arms and high praise? Or is it back to the drawing board? The only way to find out is by getting customer feedback. Try these methods.


This is a time-honored method of collecting customer feedback. For this to work, make sure that your survey has an attractive design and style and contains the right type and number of questions; drop irrelevant questions as too many questions can annoy the customer. The most popular survey methods are emails, questionnaires, face-to-face interviews, and paper handouts. For some customer feedback products and solutions, try SurveyMonkey, Question Pro, and Ask Nicely.

Email marketing

This is a powerful and cost-effective tool for reaching your customers. Email marketing allows you to reach your customers directly. Now that you’ve reached their inbox and have their attention, make sure that you sustain it with a feedback form that is short and contains questions that are specific to your product. To download free marketing software, visit MailChimp, Benchmark eMail, and VerticalResponse.

Social media

Social media is an increasingly popular and cost-effective away of collecting customer feedback from your target audience. Creating blogs gives you a platform to talk about your product as well as collect feedback and engage in lively discussions about your product or services. Tumblr, Medium and WordPress provide Web software that you can use to create your own professional blog. Some of the most popular social media sites to promote your business are Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Call centers

Another popular but expensive way of collecting feedback from your target audience is by starting a customer service call center. To make sure that this method is successful, the customer service executives should be trained to ask the right questions regarding the customers’ experience with your product or service. If you can’t afford to start your own call center, outsource your requirement to a company that offers cost-effective solutions such as all Americall, Call Center Options, 24-7, and Contact America.

Client testimonials and product reviews

Client testimonials and product reviews are useful methods to solicit customer feedback. This can be done through websites where you can provide space for testimonials or reviews. Alternatively, you can distribute feedback forms at crowded places where your product or service is sold. If you want this method to work, collect customer feedback when customers are using your product or have just finished using your product. If the experience with your product is still fresh in their minds, you get a better, more accurate response.  For free customer feedback products and solutions, try Saleschase and Trustpilot.

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